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I will be introducing some subjects on this blog that I invite viewers to comment on. There is nothing "official" about this Blog. It reflects my own views and may also reflect the views of those who add comments which are very welcomed.It has been set up to give me some feedback on Town Topics and to provide an easy way for friends and constituents to let me know what's on their minds. Ernie Odierna, Councilman, Town of Mamaroneck

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I , along with fellow Town Council members Phyllis Wittner and Nancy Seligson and Supervisor Valerie O'Keeffe and Town Administrator Steve Altieri attended a Sustainability Forum at the New Rochelle City Hall on Wednesday evening Sept. 9th. The forum was sponsored by the Municipal Committee of The County Climate Change Advisory Council.

Nancy and Steve both made excellent, very "understandable" presentations and I think everyone in attendance left with some useful reminders about how we (individuals as well as governments) can conserve energy, minimize waste, help lighten and better manage the storm water crunch as well as address transportation issues.

The more of these "County Wide" events I attend, the better appreciation I have of how far ahead our Town is as compared to everyone else. Thanks mostly to Nancy and Phyllis's "nudging" and educating us over the past several years. There are always new ideas to pick up as well as contacts to be made to help us do an even more effective job.

A useful website was shared with us by a team of the presenters that offers many ideas we should and will be considering in the future. It would be, in my opinion anyway, really good if some of our Town Residents picked up the challenge presented by the website and helped us form a local Town wide Greening Committee. Given some interested volunteers, I feel certain we can put something useful together.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger kitz said...

Great idea Ernie. Sign me up.

A friend and Town resident pointed out #32 on "How green is my town?" questionnaire:

LG 32. Does the town discourage the installation of synthetic turf fields?
GreenPoint: Synthetic turf fields present several problems from both an environmental and
human health perspective. See web site for more details.

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Ernie Odierna said...

The website referenced above for evaluating How Green is your Town came from a team of presentors at the September Westchester Municipal Officials Meeting and not from The Sustainability Forum.
Sorry for screwing up what I heard where.



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